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"My 3-year-old son with autism enjoys all three videos, especially "numbers". Although he has a limited language skill, he started to increase his vocabulary by watching the videos. Now he can clearly request which video he wants to watch by saying "abc!""colors!"or "numbers!" His private tutor also recommends these videos."
Mother of an autistic son, Redondo Beach, CA

"Good variation of counting, attracting sound effects, and very colorful great photography seemed to capture the attention of young children."
Samia Habib (Preschool teacher) Burbank, CA

"I was impressed how my child focused, repeated items and enjoyed the entire video."
Jason & Aki Gary, Calabasas, CA

"We moved to California from Japan about 6 months ago. We watch My Best English videos everyday and are learning English with our 3-year-old grand daughter. The videos are very easy to understand and very useful."
Tomiko & Toshio Tsuchiya, Calabasas, CA

"We had a wonderful experience with My Best English videos!"
Melanie (Childcare center teacher) Burbank, CA

"The children enjoy the colors that the video had to show. They repeat everything that was said and they enjoy Scout & Guin."
Rosie (Pre-school teacher) Burbank, CA

"Our family became a big fan of My Best English. Especially, the music selection was wonderful. Probably this video will benefit some adults as well."
The Nihira family, Monterey Park, CA

"My 3 year-old daughter, Amy, was a little behind in speaking English partly because we do not speak much English at home. She watched the videos everyday and loved them. She repeated everything with me at least once a day. After a month or so she started using the words and phrases she learned in My Best English. Now she loves to go to preschool and has more friends there. The videos are great and I highly recommend them to other parents who have the same problems as mine."
Mother of 3 year old daughter, Los Angeles CA

"The Children liked the way the letter jumped up on the screen. The clear one object pictures were good. "It was real fun." The children liked it, though it was a little long for young children."
Karen (Pre-school teacher) Burbank, CA

"The children loved both videos. They were very nice illustrated. They loved the music, too."
Rosie (Pre-school teacher) Burbank, CA

"The alphabet video was very well put together! The children benefitted greatly from the sounding-out of the letters. The children were a little confused with some of the colors."
Eleanor (Pre-school teacher) Burbank, CA

"The images used are great and beautiful. It was nice to see my kids repeating what they heard."
Mother of 2 and 6 yr old boys, Los Angeles, CA

"These videos are great for the children who are just about to learn ABCs and colors. It's a bit too long for young kids under 2."
Mother of 2 yr old girl, Los Angeles, CA

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